Can you microwave mason jars?

Nowadays, mason jars are pretty popular, and people prefer to use them instead of plastic containers. Similarly, they are more economical and stylish. Due to their compact and handy feature, most people use them to store foods and beverages, loose household items, and other office supplies. Usually, mason jars are made of glass as it is not tempered glass which shows that you cannot heat them at very high temperatures.

Mason jars undoubtedly act as a workhorse in the kitchen. The main reason for choosing the mason jars is that they are affordable, plastic-free, reusable, and exceptionally work in the freezer and in the pantry. Due to its tight sealing lids, you can easily store stews and soups without having any tension.

Why people use Mason jars?

Due to the unique features of mason jars, nowadays, they are the primary elements of every kitchen. Basically, it has two parts, a lid with a rubber ring and screw threads.

  • With the lid and a rubber ring, it generates a perfect vacuum seal, the core component of safe canning.
  • Its screw threads make it reusable.

Reckon that you can use the lid only once, but you can reuse bands and jars several times just by purchasing new lids.

Where People use Mason Jars?

Undoubtedly, mason jars are one of the essential kitchen organizational tools. People use these mason jars for numerous purposes, such as reusable containers or cooking vessels. Take on board that you can even preserve your eatables, including acid foods like pickles, salsas, and fruits, and low acid foods like meat in a mason jar for up to one year. You can even reuse it with new lids.

Typically, people use mason jars for a variety of purposes due to its eco-friendly and non-breakable nature.

  • Food storage because mason jars look more elegant than traditional plastic containers.
  • Due to their cartable nature, mason jars are perfect for transporting lunch.
  • You can also use it in place of a blender jar.
  • Packaging food gift items.
  • Single serving dips and veggies.
  • As mason jars are airtight containers, moistures cannot get inside. So, it is indeed best option for coffee lovers to store their coffee grounds.
  • Prepped vegetables and fruits remain fresh for a long time.

Are Mason jars microwave safe?

Using a glass mason jar in the microwave can be highly dangerous. As these are jars are made by using untempered glass, they cannot bear high heat from the microwave oven. Take into account that tempered glass is almost four times stronger than normal glass. Due to this reason, tempered glass is capable enough to bear high temperatures without any damage.

How to Sterilize a Mason jar?

For sterilizing a mason jar, a boiling water bath is used. The sterilizing process of the Mason jar is quite confusing for people who want to use it for baking or cooking purposes. As the glass used in mason jars is not tempered, so you can only sterilize it in a hot water bath. Instead, if you try to put hot liquids or foods in a mason jar, glass will probably break due to high-temperature differences.

Can you bake Mason jars in microwave?

Bear in mind that if you put mason jars in the microwave for baking, glass can shatter due to extreme heat pressure. Reckon that in case of glass damage, your oven will also badly affect. Likewise, you have to clean the whole appliance by removing the tiny glass particles for the safety of your future experiences. Remember that even if you successfully bake your food in a mason jar; it can still shatter when you place it at the cold place and can cause injury to the baker.

Types of Mason Jars

Before microwaving your mason jars, get proper information about the various types of mason jars. Several types of mason jars are available in markets, but the most common are ball mason jars and Kerr.

Are Ball Mason jars microwave safe?

Ball mason jars are also made of untempered glass. Due to this reason, you can only use them for home canning, crafting, or food preservation because they cannot stand extremely high temperatures. Basically, annealed glass is used in ball mason jars, so they cannot handle the stress of the temperature difference and can easily shatter.

Are Kerr Mason jars microwave safe?

Kerr mason jars are also heat resistant. Due to the untempered glass used in them, they cannot bear the high heat in the microwave oven and can easily break. Take into consideration that you can use them for storing purposes instead of baking and cooking activities.

Ways to check Mason jar is microwave safe or not

  • Take into consideration that generally, glass jars have a label that shows whether they are microwave safe or not. If you find any label on mason glass, it means that your glass jar can handle high temperatures.
  • The second way to determine that can your glass jar microwave or not is a rule of thumb for thicker glass bowls and glass cookware. Bear in mind that heat your empty container in the microwave for one or two minutes.
  • Take on board that never perform the above test if your mason jar is thin. Otherwise, there will be a risk that your jar can shatter inside the microwave.
  • It is better to avoid any kind of microwave activity if your mason jar doesn’t have a safety label.

Things to know

If you love to use mason jars, you should be aware of some essential factors.

  • If you plan to purchase a new mason jar as a coffee or tea thermos, choose a cozy one because typically, the glass will be as hot as your food.
  • Never transfer the Mason jar from hot water to a wet counter or cold water during canning. It is recommended to place them on a heat-proof pad or towel to cool them before shifting to the fridge.
  • Keep in mind that even mason jars are suitable for freezing, but they are slightly susceptible to damage at frigid temperatures. Make sure to put some fabric around or in between them. Fabric will help in protecting a mason jar from clinking against other objects in the freezer.

Final Thoughts

Mason jars are pretty trendy nowadays because of their elegant looks and budget-friendly nature. Undoubtedly, they are exceptional for storing the food items, especially if you want to use them in traveling or offices. It may look exciting to use mason jars for cooking or baking, but avoid doing experiments. Never put mason jars in the microwave if they don’t have microwave-safe labels to avoid any inconvenience.

Bear in mind that glass used in mason jars is highly reactive. When you place the Mason jar in the microwave oven, it can quickly explode or crack. The main reason for the explosion is that the microwave heats the objects too quickly; putting the glass items under high stress and can cause several dangerous accidents.

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