Can You Microwave Saran Wrap? (Is it safe)

Saran Wrap is a brand of plastic wrap that can be used to cover food or other items. It’s typically made from polyethylene, which is what makes it safe for microwaving. But what about the chemicals in Saran Wrap?

This article will discuss what you should know about heating up your food in Saran Wrap and whether or not it’s safe to microwave this type of wrap.

What is saran wrap

Before going to discus about microwaving saran wrap let’s know what saran wrap actually is and its history. Saran wrap is a thin, flexible plastic sheet made of polyethylene.

It was invented in 1933 by Spencer Silver and first marketed in 1946 as Saran Wrap by the Dow Chemical Company. Saran wrap is mainly used to cover food items before microwaving them or storing them in the fridge.

Is Saran Wrap safe to microwave?

Now that we know what saran wrap is and what are its properties let us answer the question if this type of wrap is safe for microwaving or not. The answer to this question would be YES, Saran Wrap is perfectly safe to microwave as long as it is labeled a microwave-safe.

Benefits Of Saran Wrap

There are many benefits of saran wrap some of are as follow:

Saran wrap is cheap and is easily available in supermarkets and grocery stores making it very convenient to get what you need right away.

It comes in different sizes allowing you to cover any item of your choice.

Allows air passage which allows the food items outside to cool down quickly.

Disadvantages Of Saran Wrap

Some of the disadvantages associated with using saran wrap are:

It can be difficult to use if you’re trying to cover food items that have uneven surfaces, like a curved bowl.

Since it’s made of plastic, saran wrap can trap moisture and create an environment where bacteria can grow.

Types Of Saran Wrap

There are four types of saran wraps and these are Polyethylene, Low-density polyethylene, Polyvinylidene chloride, High-density polyethylene.

Lets discuss them one by one.


This is a popular and inexpensive variety of plastic wrap. It is not safe to use in a microwave oven because it will melt and release toxic fumes over microwaving, so avoid them.

Low-density polyethylene

Commonly know as slow-wrap and you can microwave this type of saran wrap without any second thought in your mind.

It’s made from the same stuff as regular plastic, but it won’t give off toxic fumes when you microwave it. And you can reuse it many times. Another benefit of this plastic is it is is ideal for covering plates and bowls

Polyvinylidene chloride

This one is commonly know as saran, this one can also be microwaved. Since it contains heat resistance properties which provides great moisture protection as compared to low-density polyethylene.

It can be used in the refrigerator because it doesn’t adhere to moist surfaces, making it perfect for use in the freezer as well.

High-density polyethylene

This one is known as hard saran-wrap, unfortunatly this one cannot be used in a microwave. It’s a popular for food packaging but the issue is it emits toxic fumes upon microwaving, so it is better to avoid it from microwaving.

Can You Microwave Saran Wrap??

As we discussed above there are different types of saran wrap and what is safe for microwaving.

So the answer to can you microwave Saran Wrap?

The short answer would be YES, as long as it’s labeled a microwave-safe. As I have mentioned earlier some wraps contain chemicals that aren’t good for your health or they emit toxic fumes, so be sure to check the label before microwaving.

But some types of Saran Wrap can’t handle the intense heat that comes with microwaving and will release toxic fumes into your food. So always be sure to check what type of Saran Wrap you’re using and whether or not it’s microwave-safe.


How Long Can You Microwave Saran Wrap?

Keep in mind that Saran wrap must not be used for more than 5 minutes at one time. Try turning off your microwave when it’s done cooking, and if you’re going to use a long period of times then adjust the temperature as low as possible.

Should You Microwave Saran Wrap?  

No, it is always better to avoid saran wrap in a microwave as long as you do have an alternative way of wrapping food items that allow air passage without trapping moisture inside the container. Other than that use what you have and what is best for your health.

Are There Any Risks From Microwaving Saran Wrap?  

Yes, as we discussed above microwaving saran wrap that has chemicals and plastic can be harmful to our health but if you are using a microwave-safe Saran then this should not cause any harm.

What Is The Best Way To Store Food In A Microwave?  

The best way to store food in a microwave is by using what works for you. If what you are doing seems to be working then there is no need of changing, but if not try something different until it does work for you.

Is it safe to put cling film in the microwave?

The answer is it depends on type of food you heat and the quality of cling film you are using.

Many people are concerned with the chemical that leach and mix with the food, but this is a myth at all.

Other issue is that the plastic comes into touch with fats when you head food. When you microwave any fats, they’ll reach higher temperatures than water can and maybe melt the plastic wrap that is in touch with them.

The solution is, keep the food in a bowl or container deep enough so the plastic wrap would not come in contact with fats.


When it comes to Saran Wrap, there are a few things to consider before using it in the microwave. Some types of Saran can be microwaved without any problems, but others may release toxic fumes into your food. Make sure to check the label before using it in the microwave, and if in doubt, just avoid using it.