How to Choose Oven for Commercial Use?

You must have heard about various appliances that are used in the kitchen. But, you would surely need an oven for your commercial use.

It can be a very important part of your restaurant equipment or hotel equipment. You should keep the basic features to look for before buying one. The price is not always what you have to look at, it depends on various factors.

It is very important to look at the different oven types available in the market before buying one for your commercial use. 

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The price of an oven varies with each type and so do its features. You can buy eco-friendly, convectional, gas or even induction ovens for commercial use. All you need to do is know what your demands are and accordingly, purchase the oven.

For a large number of clientele, you cannot possibly be using any kitchenware designed for home. 

In the same manner, if you have to satiate the appetite of a large number of people with your inviting aroma of delicious pizzas you must purchase a commercial pizza oven. 

Commercial pizza ovens vary a lot from their conventional counterparts. This is because the commercial ovens are supposed to be commissary and to earn more profit they have to be more efficient than the ordinary ovens.

The commercial ovens are larger, and have the capacity of baking multiple pizzas, simultaneously. Their pizza stones and trays are also more generous than the conventional ovens. You can place more pizza dough on them.

Furthermore, these ovens come with more options so that you can serve more people. For instance, a commercial pizza oven will have an automated vegetable cutter and cheese grater.

You can’t be employing people for it now to help you dice the toppings. If you are doing it with the help of a staff, you will be crowding your kitchen despite having an option of convenience and speed.

Other additional things included are the dough rollers and dough mixers. They function according to their names.

The dough rollers will save your time by directly making bases for standard sized pizza. Sautéing rings ensure that your pizzas look uniform and add sauces and cheese onto the pizza tops. Whereas the dough mixers will mix all the ingredients and knead the dough so it can be molded into a perfect pizza.

The ovens used on such a broad scale also have a proper ventilation system. So, the oven will channel their exhausted heat through their own system of airing.

These additional elements have only been skimmed through. Other elements that you must have or usually come with the commercial ovens are pizza paddles, prep counters and conveyor belts etc. 

You have Many Choices Pizza Oven 

If you are installing a commercial pizza oven in your pizzeria, this means you have to choose between the source of fuel and how you would like your oven to maintain its temperature. On the basis of these things, you have a vast catalog to choose from. 

Convection Pizza Oven 

These convection pizza ovens are for starters. If you are just starting out on a business, you can save your money by installing this oven.

With convection technology, the pizzas are cooked evenly and a brown cheesy topping is quite an evident element of it.  

The service depends upon the size of the chamber. An estimation shows that 40 pizzas could be baked per hour depending on the chamber. In five to six minutes you can come up with the perfect New Yorker pizza. 

If you are particular with the maintenance and cleanliness of your oven, you can spare some ‘monies’ to invest in the decor of your comfy pizzeria or perhaps take-out venue. 

Conveyor Belt Pizza Oven

These are to level up your game. Step up and serve more pizzas. Whether you want them to be powered with electricity or gas, it is totally dependent upon your key requirement.

The conveyor belt pizza ovens have choices for both. If you feel like more and more people are purchasing from you, you can meet your orders using these ovens.

You prepare the dough and set it on the conveyor belt. The oven will take care of the rest of the things.

Depending upon the deck, the deck of the oven, you can expect to prepare 75-100 pizza servings per hour. That’s huge! 

But they also require a huge space too for the conveyor belts. If your kitchen is spacious enough, then you are good to go. 

Brick Pizza Oven

If you are assuming that the bud for traditional brick pizza ovens is lost, you may have to reconsider your thoughts.

Not only do people love the taste of tradition that fills a brick-oven-baked pizza but it is the best model for commercial kitchens. Exuding class and taste, these pizzas are widely famous. 

These ovens prepare less pizzas per hour as compared to others. An estimation shows that it could be only 80 pizzas per hour. However, they are qualified for producing all sorts of pizzas. 

You name it, whether it’s New Yorker, Chicago, or Neapolitan, the brick oven won’t fail you. All you need is a good supply of wood that will burn to keep your pizzas warm and delicious. 

Electricity, Gas or Wood, What Should You Use ?

To answer this question, you should know about your speciality, and your kitchen space. All these pizza ovens mentioned can be made available in gas and electricity as well. 

But remember that if you want to serve crisper crust pizzas, gas-powered ovens might not be your option.

Rather, you should opt for electric ovens which cook pizzas more evenly due to the proportionately distribution of heat. 

Gas is a good option if you own a mobile pizzeria. Since the gas source is placed at the center, the pizzas do not get an even supply of heat so the crust may be a little uneven.

You can replace gas with liquid propane, in case you do not have a direct supply of natural gas. Keeping in view yours or your chefs’ faculty, as well as your business plan, you can march forward and choose well.

Since food bases businesses flourish only when there is taste in them, you must not compromise on taste.


What should be the size of our commercial oven according to the number of people we expect?

In order to have a commercial oven according to the number of people you expect in your restaurant, the size of the oven should be around 4 feet by 6 feet. The height can be adjusted according to the restaurant’s requirement. It is recommended that you hire an expert installer if you are not experienced enough in this field because it will secure your safety and prevent accidents.

What is the difference between a conveyor belt oven and a brick oven ?

There are many differences between both ovens, to start with, a conveyor belt operates at lower temperatures than a traditional wood-fired oven. The second thing is that a standard wood fired brick pizza oven heats up to 720 degrees Fahrenheit or 389 degrees Celsius. A conveyor belt oven, on the other hand usually heats up to only 480 degrees Fahrenheit or 248 degrees Celsius which is why it cooks faster than a brick oven. The last thing is that it takes more time for a conveyor belt to recover after opening the door and adding new pizza because the heating element in this type of oven cools down immediately when we open the door.

What should be done to make a brick oven pizza in a conveyor belt oven?

The thing to do is to add extra baking time because it takes more time for a conveyor belt to recover after opening the door and adding new pizza. Another thing that can help you will be to increase the temperature of the oven and then adding pizza into it.

Which type of oven is more efficient?

An impinger oven is more efficient than a conveyor belt oven because the former produces less waste heat and has moving parts continuously applying heat to the pizza whereas in a conveyor belt oven, it does not have any moving parts that continuously apply heat to the pizza.

How can an impinger oven help us in reducing our expenses?

An impinger oven is more efficient than a conveyor belt oven which means it will be able to cook the same amount of pizzas but less time and will reduce the electricity used because it would have used less energy compared to a conveyor belt oven.

How does a brick oven work?

Brick pizza ovens are specially designed to cook pizzas very quickly because they easily reach the required temperature which is around 600 degrees Fahrenheit or 315 degrees Celsius and maintain it for a long time. They do not have any moving parts that continuously apply heat to the pizza because they are usually made of brick or stone.

Why does a conveyor belt oven produce more waste heat than other types of ovens?

The reason for this is that it has several electric elements underneath the deck to keep its temperature constant, whereas in case of an impinger, moving parts continuously apply heat to your pizza. The last reason is that it has to heat up the whole oven which means that its temperature throughout the cooking chamber will be constant.

What are some things that can limit our speed of preparation in a conveyor belt oven?

One thing that can limit our speed of preparation is the rotating arm which moves very slowly therefore, even though we try to place the pizza in a very short time, it is difficult for us to do so. The next reason can be that we have to keep rotating the arm continuously which means we have to rotate it at least once every 8 seconds.

Why is a brick oven better than a conveyor belt?

One of the best reasons why a brick oven is better than a conveyor belt oven is that the former has an open flame whereas the latter does not. This means that there will be no chance of burning your pizza and you can easily adjust the temperature according to your needs. 

The next reason is that it heats up instantly which means you do not have to wait for a long time to prepare your pizza. It also maintains its temperature throughout the cooking chamber so you will get perfectly delicious pizza in just no time. 

The last reason is that it has moving parts continuously applying heat to your pizza whereas there are none in case of a conveyor belt oven which means you do not have to rotate the arm continuously.


If the cost does not bother you, you should go for an oven that will allow you to make a pizza that is your specialty. 

For running a successful food-based business, you must invest in smart choices. And smart choices are smart when all possibilities and utilities are checked. Think well before you make a bulky investment.

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