How to Silence Your Cuisinart Microwave

Cuisinart microwaves are popular kitchen appliances known for their versatility, power and quality.

However, some users have reported issues with excessive beeping or other noises coming from their Cuisinart microwaves.

Fortunately, there are several techniques you can try to silence a noisy Cuisinart microwave.

Understanding Microwave Noises

Microwaves make sounds for various reasons. Common noises include:

  • Beeping: Occurs when buttons are pressed, when the timer goes off, if you open the door mid-cycle, or as a reminder to stir or turn over food. This is normal.
  • Humming: The microwave magnetron produces a low humming noise when in use. This is also normal operation.
  • Whirring: The turntable motor and cooling fan produce whirring sounds during operation. Again, this is expected.
  • Buzzing or rattling: These types of noises could indicate a problem with the magnetron, fan or interior parts. Contact Cuisinart if buzzing or rattling develops.

In most cases, the beeping and humming of a Cuisinart microwave is nothing to worry about. But excess noise can be annoying. Luckily, there are some solutions.

Muting Beeps

The beeping that occurs when you press buttons or at the end of the cooking cycle can easily be muted on most Cuisinart microwaves. Here’s how:

1. Locate the Mute Button

Cuisinart microwaves have a mute button located on the control panel. It may be labeled “Mute” or have a symbol like a speaker with a line through it.

2. Press and Hold the Mute Button

Press and hold the mute button for 2-3 seconds. This will turn off all beeping.

3. Repeat to Turn Sound Back On

To re-enable sound, simply press and hold the mute button again. The microwave will beep to confirm the new setting.

Muting is a personal preference and won’t affect operation. Just note that important safety beeps, like those for a door left open, cannot be muted.

Adjusting Volume

Some Cuisinart models have volume control instead of a simple mute button. If so:

  • Press the volume button repeatedly to cycle through sound levels from high to mute.
  • Select the volume level you prefer. Lower levels reduce beeping noise.
  • The microwave will beep at the new volume to confirm your choice.

Disabling End of Cycle Beeps

You can specifically disable the beeps that sound when cooking ends on many Cuisinart microwaves:

  1. Press and hold the number 1 button for 3-5 seconds, until the microwave beeps.
  2. The end-of-cycle beeps are now disabled.

Repeat to re-enable the timer beeps if desired. This does not affect other beeps.

Altering Beep Tones

Some Cuisinart microwaves allow you to select alternate beep tones:

  • Press and hold the number 3 button for 3-5 seconds to cycle through beep tone options.
  • Release when you hear a pleasing tone.

Try this if you find certain beep tones more annoying than others.

Troubleshooting Excessive Humming

If your Cuisinart microwave develops a loud hum, there are a few things to try:

  • Check placement: Being close to a wall or corner can amplify noise. Move the microwave away from walls if possible.
  • Inspect the turntable: Remove the turntable platter and run the microwave empty. If the hum stops, the turntable motor may need replacement.
  • Adjust feet: Uneven feet can cause vibration and hum. Rotate the leveling feet under the corners until the hum diminishes.
  • Replace magnetron: With age, the magnetron can get noisier. Replacing it may be required if humming increases. This should be done by a technician.

If the humming persists at a high volume, contact Cuisinart support for further troubleshooting.

Stopping Turntable Whirring

Some find the whirring of the rotating turntable in a Cuisinart microwave distracting. To stop turntable motion:

  • Remove any cookware from the turntable.
  • Press the Turntable On/Off button before starting cooking. The turntable should stop spinning.
  • Note: This is not recommended when cooking food, as it results in uneven heating. Only use turntable off for boiling water or reheating liquids.

Quieting Closing Door

If your Cuisinart microwave door slams shut loudly, adjusting the catch may help:

  • Open the door fully. Locate the plastic catch along the side of the door opening.
  • Rotate the catch to raise or lower it. Test closing the door gently after each adjustment.
  • Raise the catch slightly if the door doesn’t catch or drops open. Lower it if slamming occurs.
  • Continue adjusting until the door closes securely without excessive force or noise.

Cushioning Rattling Parts

Loose interior parts can cause rattling noises in Cuisinart microwaves. To minimize rattling:

  • Place a microwave-safe cup filled with water in a rear corner when cooking food. The weight helps limit rattling.
  • For permanent rattling reduction, wedge small foam pads or rubber cushions between loose interior parts. Take care not to restrict airflow.
  • Ensure all interior parts, covers and grease filters are securely installed. Fully inserted parts are less prone to vibration.
  • Have a technician inspect and adjust any deteriorated or worn interior parts causing noise.


Here are some final tips for silencing a noisy Cuisinart microwave:

  • Mute beeps if button pushing sounds bother you. Just be sure to stay nearby so you don’t miss important alerts.
  • Have excessive humming or rattling inspected by a professional to identify and resolve the cause.
  • Use care when altering turntable or door mechanisms, as this can impact safety if not adjusted properly.
  • Place microwave on a sturdy surface and avoid operating it while empty to reduce noise potential.

With some adjustments, you can troubleshoot minor noises coming from your Cuisinart microwave. But contact Cuisinart customer support if any loud, disruptive or unusual sounds develop, as this may indicate the need for repair. With proper care and maintenance, your Cuisinart microwave should operate relatively quietly for years.

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