How to Silence Your Samsung Microwave: A Complete Guide to Muting Beep Sounds

The beeps and alerts from your Samsung microwave can quickly become an annoyance, especially if you frequently use it for late night snacks or early morning breakfasts.

Fortunately, many Samsung models allow you to turn off or adjust the beeping alerts and sounds.

With a few simple steps, you can enjoy a quieter kitchen environment.

How to Turn Off Sound on Samsung Microwave Models?

The specific steps to mute your Samsung microwave will vary slightly depending on the model. Here are guides for some of the most popular models:

Samsung ME17R7021ES: Disabling Beep Sounds

The Samsung ME17R7021ES is a popular over-the-range microwave model. Follow these steps to disable the beep sounds:

  1. Press the Sound button on the control panel.
  2. Select the volume bubble icon.
  3. Press the volume down arrow repeatedly until the volume is muted.
  4. Press the Sound button again to save the muted setting.

The display will show the muted volume icon so you know the beeps are now disabled. Repeat these steps and adjust the volume up to re-enable sounds.

Samsung ME16K3000AS: Turning Off Beep Alerts

For the Samsung ME16K3000AS countertop microwave model, use this process:

  1. Press the Sound button.
  2. Press and hold the Sound button for 3 seconds until the display shows the mute icon.
  3. Once muted, you can press the Sound button again to select the volume level you prefer.

The mute status will remain enabled even after powering the microwave off and on again. Simply hold the Sound button to unmute and adjust the volume.

For other models like the Samsung MG11H2020CT or MS11K7035AS, refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions to mute beeps and alerts. The general process will involve accessing a sound menu and lowering the volume or disabling sound effects.

Alternative Solutions

If you prefer not to mute your Samsung microwave fully, consider these alternatives to minimize noise:

  • Adjust Volume – Lower the volume to the lowest audible setting if your model allows graduation volume adjustments.
  • Place Soft Materials Inside – Putting a dish towel or microwave-safe sponge inside can help muffle beeping.
  • Use Less Sound Effects – Choose mute for end-of-cycle beeps only but leave button press beeps on to retain some functionality.
  • Open Slowly – Gently release the door latch and open the door slowly to minimize loud beeping when retrieving food.

Experiment to find the right balance for your needs and kitchen environment.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

When trying to mute your Samsung microwave, you may encounter difficulties such as:

  • Microwave does not have a mute option – Some lower-end models lack customizable sound controls. Consider the alternative solutions suggested instead.
  • Mute function not responding – Ensure you are pressing the correct sequence of buttons for your model to access the sound menu.
  • Beeps remain loud even on lowest volume – The lowest setting may still be too loud for your preference. You likely need to disable sounds fully.
  • Mute status does not save – If the mute resets after powering off, contact Samsung support to determine if the microwave needs servicing.

With the proper technique for your model, you should be able to successfully mute or lower the volume of beeps and alerts.

FAQs about Samsung Microwave Sound

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about managing sound on your Samsung microwave:

Is it safe to mute my Samsung microwave?

Yes, it is safe to mute or lower the volume on your Samsung microwave. Important safety alerts related to issues like door closure cannot be muted.

Can muting the sounds damage the microwave?

Muting your Samsung microwave according to the proper technique for your model will not cause damage. The electronic controls are designed to allow adjustable or disabled sound effects.

Will muting affect cooking?

Muting does not impact the microwave’s cooking functionality. It simply turns off or lowers the volume of beeps, alerts, and sounds. Timing, settings, and performance are unchanged.

How do I reset the sound if I change my mind?

To re-enable sounds if you muted them, simply follow the steps for your model to increase the volume or turn off the mute setting. Refer to your owner’s manual if needed.

Why does my microwave still beep softly when muted?

Even when muted, your Samsung microwave may have very soft, low-volume beeps remaining. If you prefer complete silence, placing soft materials like a dish towel inside can further muffle these.


Annoying beeping from your Samsung microwave can disrupt your kitchen environment. Fortunately, with the simple steps outlined here for popular models, you can easily mute or adjust the volume to suit your needs and preferences. Refer to your owner’s manual for complete instructions tailored to your specific microwave.

With these guides, you can swiftly mute your Samsung microwave and enjoy a quieter, more peaceful kitchen atmosphere. Just be sure to test and reset the sound if ever needed so important safety alerts remain enabled.

The ability to disable beeps provides greater convenience and flexibility so you can use your microwave without disturbing others even during late night snacks or early breakfasts.

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