Mastering the Clock Settings on Your Hamilton Beach Microwave

Hamilton Beach is one of the most popular and trusted brands for kitchen appliances, including their wide range of high-quality microwaves. As an American company founded in 1910, Hamilton Beach has over a century of experience in innovating and manufacturing appliances to make everyday cooking and food preparation easier.

Hamilton Beach microwaves come in a variety of styles, sizes, power levels and feature options to suit any home kitchen. Their microwave line includes countertop models, over-the-range models designed to mount above a range or cooktop, and compact or apartment-sized models.

Features of Hamilton Beach Microwave

Some of the key features found on Hamilton Beach microwaves include:

  • Power levels: Most models have adjustable power from low to high, allowing you to customize the cooking intensity for different foods. Common power levels range from 700-1000 watts.
  • Pre-programmed buttons: Buttons for popcorn, baked potato, frozen pizza, beverage, reheat and other common foods allow for one-touch cooking.
  • Timer functions: Use quick-set timers for accurate cooking without needing to program full cooking cycles. Great for timing standing time or defrosting.
  • Child lock-out: Locks the control panel to prevent accidental activation during cleaning or by little hands.
  • Turntable: Rotating turntable allows for even cooking throughout the microwave.
  • Sensors: Some models have sensor cooking technology to automatically adjust time and power.
  • LED display: Bright LED (or LCD on some models) clearly shows cooking time, power level, clock and timer.

Properly setting up and programming your Hamilton Beach microwave ensures you get the most convenience and ease of use from all of its helpful functions and options.

The Importance of Setting the Microwave Clock

One of the first steps in setting up your new Hamilton Beach microwave is properly programming the clock. While a minor task, correctly setting the clock is quite important for several reasons:

  • Allows use of time cook function – Inputting the current time enables you to use the simple time cook function by entering just the minutes and seconds you want an item cooked.
  • Accuracy for kitchen tasks – An accurate clock helps with timing other kitchen activities like standing or rising dough, letting dinner rolls rest, and more.
  • Confirms programming is working – If you can successfully set the clock, it indicates that the programming and controls are properly functioning.
  • Avoids confusion – Matching the microwave clock with the actual time prevents confusion. Nobody wants dinner guests arriving when the microwave thinks it’s still morning!

Depending on your specific Hamilton Beach model, your microwave may either have a standard 12-hour clock or a 24-hour military time display. Thankfully, Hamilton Beach microwaves make setting the clock exceptionally simple no matter the style.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting the Clock on a Hamilton Beach Microwave

While most Hamilton Beach microwaves include nearly identical clock setting procedures in their manuals, there can be small differences between models. To demonstrate, we will walk through the step-by-step process for two popular models: the Hamilton Beach 1000-Watt Microwave and the Hamilton Beach 900-Watt Microwave.

Hamilton Beach 1000-Watt Microwave Clock Setting

The Hamilton Beach HMC1060SS is a compact 1.0 cubic foot 1000-Watt stainless steel microwave. Follow these steps to set the clock:

  1. Press the Clock button.
  2. Turn the Timer/Time dial to set the hours. You will see the hour digits cycle from 1 to 12 for AM/PM or 0 to 23 for military time.
  3. Press the Clock button again.
  4. Turn the Timer/Time dial to set the minutes. You will see the minutes cycle from 00 to 59.
  5. Press the Clock button to finish and start the clock.

Once set, you can press Clock at any time to display the current time for 5 seconds. You are all done and ready to use your microwave!

Hamilton Beach 900-Watt Microwave Clock Setting

The Hamilton Beach EM031MZ is a 0.9 cubic foot 900-Watt digital microwave with stainless steel front. Here is how to set its 24-hour military time display:

  1. Press and hold the Clock button for 3 seconds until the clock digits start blinking.
  2. Turn the Timer/Time dial to cycle to the current hour. Go past 12 to set afternoon or evening hours.
  3. Press Clock again to set the minutes. Turn the dial to the current minute.
  4. Press Clock one final time to confirm the time setting.

The clock will stop blinking and show the current accurate time you just set whenever the microwave is powered on.

Common Clock Setting Issues and Solutions

While the steps to program your Hamilton Beach microwave clock are straightforward, you may encounter a few hiccups during the process. Here are some potential issues and tips to get past them:

Display flashes “0:00” or “12:00” – This indicates the microwave has just been plugged in and the clock needs to be set. Follow the instructions to set it correctly.

Clock doesn’t advance – Check that you pressed the Clock button to complete the programming sequence and start the clock ticking after entering the time.

Numbers scroll by quickly – Turn the dial slower when setting the time to better select the correct hour and minute.

Time jumps forward/backward hours – AM/PM models often flip from AM to PM or vice versa when turning the dial. Go past 12 hour to reach the right AM or PM.

Clock resets after power outage – Your microwave clock is not battery backed up. You will need to reset it following any power interruption. Consider plugging your microwave into a power strip with surge protection.

If issues continue, consult your Hamilton Beach microwave manual or contact customer service for additional support.

Tips for Keeping Your Microwave Clock Accurate

Once your Hamilton Beach microwave clock is set, a few quick tips will help keep it displaying the right time:

  • Reset the clock for daylight saving time changes – Don’t forget to spring forward and fall back!
  • Check the time against other clocks weekly – Compare to wall clocks, oven, smartphones to identify drift.
  • Replace the backup battery if needed – Some models have a small internal battery to preserve time.
  • Unplug then replug the microwave after power surges or outages – Allows you to promptly reset the accurate time.
  • Use the timer function to maintain correct time – Setting and using the minute timer periodically helps identify any clock inaccuracies.
  • Ask house or pet sitters to double check the time when caring for your home – Clocks can get thrown off if the microwave is unplugged.

With slight diligence, the clock on your Hamilton Beach microwave will provide the right time for years of cooking convenience.


Understanding the simple steps for setting, checking and maintaining the correct time on your Hamilton Beach microwave enables you to fully utilize its many helpful features. Whether you need to reheat leftovers, pop some popcorn or even cook from scratch, an accurately set clock allows you to get the most from your microwave.

Hamilton Beach is known for providing quality, affordable and easy-to-use kitchen appliances suitable for any home cook. With the clock properly programmed, you can enjoy the speedy cooking convenience a Hamilton Beach microwave offers your family for years to come. From frozen dinners to steaming baked potatoes, let Hamilton Beach take the time and hassle out of your daily cooking.

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