How to Set the Clock on Your Oster Microwave

Oster is a leading brand for countertop appliances like blenders, toasters, and of course, microwaves. Their microwaves offer a variety of wattages, sizes and features to accommodate different household needs.

While microwaves primarily rely on entering cook times directly, having the built-in clock properly set allows you to use shortcut cook functions and track durations accurately.

When first getting your Oster microwave up and running, one of the basic but important steps is correctly programming the clock. Thankfully, Oster microwaves make setting the time exceptionally straightforward with dedicated buttons and an intuitive interface.

In this guide, we’ll overview the simple process of setting the clock on common Oster microwaves.

We’ll also provide tips for troubleshooting any clock issues that may pop up. With your Oster microwave clock precisely set, you can enjoy all the convenience these appliances offer.

How to Set the Clock on Your Oster Microwave: Step by Step Guide

Locate the Clock Button

The first step in setting the clock on your Oster microwave is locating the button specifically used for accessing the clock settings. This is typically labeled simply “Clock” or sometimes “Kitchen Timer” on the keypad. It may be along the top, bottom or side of the interface.

Once located, pressing the Clock button is what initiates programming mode for the time display. The clock digits will start flashing to indicate they can now be adjusted.

If you don’t immediately spot a button obviously labeled for the clock, consult your Oster microwave manual for details on your model. But the button is usually easy to identify. Just don’t confuse it with buttons used for setting the minute timer or cooking durations.

Entering the Time

With the Oster microwave in clock setting mode, you can now input the current accurate time using the numbered keypad.

First, press the number keys to enter the current hour. For 12-hour time displays, make sure to specify AM or PM correctly. You may not be able to select AM/PM until also setting the minutes.

After inputting the hour, press the Clock button again. This will advance you to setting the minutes.

Now simply enter the current minute using the number keys. For example, for 10:35 you would press:

  • 10 for hour
  • Clock button
  • 35 for minutes

The digits will flash as you input the time. You are almost done correctly setting the clock!

Confirming the Time

After entering the hour and minutes, briefly check that the inputted time flashed on the display matches the accurate current time.

You will have a final chance to toggle AM/PM if needed after this point before the clock starts running.

If the time looks correct, press the Clock button again to lock it in. If not, you can re-enter the hours and minutes again before confirming.

AM/PM Selection (if applicable)

If your Oster microwave clock is in a 12-hour format, you will now be able to toggle between AM and PM to match the accurate period of the day.

With the entered time flashing, simply press the Clock button repeatedly to cycle the time between AM and PM.

Stop pressing when the correct AM or PM appears for the current hour.

Time Format (12-hour or 24-hour)

At this stage in the process, check that the format of the displayed time matches your preference. Oster microwaves may allow selecting between standard 12-hour time with AM/PM or 24-hour military time.

To change the format, you will need to access a separate settings or setup mode specific to your microwave model. Consult your owner’s manual for how to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour clocks if needed.

Finalizing the Clock Setting

Once you’ve verified the entered time is accurate and in the desired 12 or 24-hour format, press the Clock button one final time to complete programming and start the clock.

The flashing digits will stop, and the clock will begin counting up the seconds, minutes, and hours to maintain the correct current time.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully set the clock on your Oster microwave!

Common Clock Setting Issues

While fairly simple, there are a few common hiccups that can occur when initially setting the clock on an Oster microwave:

  • Forgetting to specify AM vs PM – The time will be off by 12 hours.
  • Entering the wrong minutes – The clock will be slightly inaccurate.
  • Button contacts not registering – Try cleaning or pressing more firmly.
  • Clock doesn’t advance – Be sure to press Clock after entering time to start it.
  • Numbers rapidly counting – Use slower and more deliberate button presses.

Thankfully, the process for correcting any issues is just to start over and enter the accurate time again. The clock is now ready to keep precise time as you use all the great features of your Oster microwave.


Oster microwaves make it quick and easy to set the built-in clock to display the correct current time.

Following the simple step-by-step process outlined here will ensure yours is programmed properly right out of the box. Periodically check the clock against other devices to identify any drift.

And don’t hesitate to reset the time if needed to maintain accuracy. With the confidence of precise timekeeping, you can conveniently cook, reheat and defrost a wide range of foods with your Oster microwave.

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