Setting the Clock on Your Panasonic Microwave: A Step-by-Step Guide

Having the correct time set on your Panasonic microwave is essential for being able to use the appliance properly and take full advantage of its features. Whether you need to set the clock for the first time or adjust it for Daylight Savings Time, following the right steps will ensure your microwave clock setting is quick and easy.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process of setting the time on your Panasonic microwave oven from start to finish. We’ll cover locating the control panel, initial power-up, accessing the clock mode, adjusting the hours and minutes, saving the settings, and troubleshooting any issues that arise.

With these simple instructions, you’ll be able to get the clock adjustment right on your digital microwave in just a few minutes. Having the accurate time display will make using preset cooking functions, timers, and schedules far more convenient.

Why Setting the Clock on Your Panasonic Microwave is Important

Before we dive into the step-by-step process, let’s look at why taking the time to get your microwave time settings right matters:

  • Enables use of presets and convenience features – Many Panasonic microwaves have preset cooking functions and settings that rely on having the right time set. This includes options like “Add 30 Sec” and using cooking presets that factor in standing time.
  • Allows accurate use of kitchen timers – The microwave clock enables you to use the minute timer function accurately to time other cooking tasks.
  • Lets you use scheduled cooking – Some models have options for programming cooking to start at particular times. This requires the clock to be set properly.
  • Avoids incorrect defrosting times – Defrosting frozen items depends on inputting the correct duration according to food type and weight.
  • Provides accurate timestamps – The clock enables the microwave to log the time when different functions were used.

Taking a few minutes to correctly set the Panasonic Genius 1100W Microwave clock now will save you hassle and provide convenience every time you go to use your handy kitchen appliance.

How to Set the Clock on Panasonic Microwave in 5 steps

Step 1: Locate the Control Panel

The first step is finding where the control panel on your specific Panasonic microwave model is located. While microwaves have some settings in common, the control panel layouts do differ across models. Here are some of the general locations to check on your unit:

  • Above the door – Many microwaves have an integrated control panel along the top of the unit, above the door. Check for a panel with buttons for power, time entry, and other functions.
  • Below or to the side of the door – Some models have their control panels in a central location below the door or off to the left/right side.
  • On the outer edge – Certain microwaves have their controls built into the curved edge of the frame, rather than on the flat top/front areas.
  • Inside the door – A few models have buttons for basic functions like starting, pausing, and adding time inside the door itself for easy access.

Take a moment to visually scan your microwave oven and identify where the main control panel is positioned. This is where you’ll need to input the clock settings. If you’re unsure, consult your appliance user manual for guidance.

Step 2: Initial Power-Up

Once you’ve located the control panel, the next step is powering up the device.

  • Plug into outlet – Make sure your Panasonic microwave is plugged into a grounded outlet to supply electricity.
  • Open door – The unit will not allow settings to be entered with the door closed. Open the door fully to access the controls.
  • Check for display – There should be a digital display that lights up showing “00:00” or a blinking “12:00” to indicate the microwave is getting power.
  • Listen for beep – Many microwaves will beep to signify they are ready for programming when powered on.

Confirm your kitchen appliance turns on properly before moving to the clock setting process. If there is no display or response, consult the troubleshooting section below.

Step 3: Accessing the Clock Setting Mode

Now that your Panasonic Genius 1100W Microwave is powered up, it’s time to access the menu for adjusting the microwave clock setting. The method to enter clock setting mode varies across models but commonly involves:

  • Look for a “Kitchen Timer/Clock” button – Many microwaves have a dedicated button labeled “Clock” or “Kitchen Timer” to enter the time adjustment interface.
  • Press and hold the “0” button – On some models without a dedicated clock button, holding down the zero number key for 3+ seconds will access the clock setting mode.
  • Enter the “dak” code – Certain microwaves require you to press “3-1-2” in sequence on the numeric keypad, standing for d-a-k, to access time settings.
  • Check the user manual – If you’re unsure, check the appliance user guide for exact instructions on how to bring up clock adjustment on your specific model.

When you’ve successfully accessed the time setting interface, the display will flash the hours position to indicate it is ready for adjustment.

Step 4: Adjusting the Hours and Minutes

Once the hour digits are flashing, you can begin entering the current time. Here is the process:

  • Use arrow keys to adjust hours – Use the up/down arrows to scroll to the current hour and AM/PM setting (if applicable).
  • Press Enter or Set button – When the correct hour is displayed, press “Enter” or “Set” to move to the minutes field.
  • Use arrows to adjust minutes – Just like with hours, scroll through the minutes to reach the current time.
  • Double check AM/PM – Before you finalize, just double check the AM/PM is correct if your model shows it.
  • Press Enter/Set again – With the complete target time displayed, press “Enter” or “Set” again to save the clock adjustment.

The display will stop flashing when the new clock time is officially saved. You may hear a beep confirming the setting has been stored.

Step 5: Saving the Time

On most Panasonic microwaves, pressing the “Enter” or “Set” button after adjusting the minutes will automatically save the entered time. However, some models have an extra step:

  • Press “Start” or “Cook” – Certain models require you to press the “Start” or “Cook” buttons after adjusting the time to confirm the new setting.
  • Press “Clear” first – Some microwaves need you to press “Clear” after inputting the time before hitting “Enter” to save changes.
  • Watch the display – Monitor if the time you entered stops flashing but remains on the display, which indicates it has saved properly.
  • Consult your manual – When in doubt, check your specific microwave appliance user guide for how to save time adjustments on your model.

With the new accurate time display set, your Panasonic microwave oven will remember the setting going forward. Now let’s look at some troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Here are some quick fixes for typical problems that may arise when attempting to set the clock:

  • Display is blank – If the display is unresponsive, ensure the microwave is plugged in, breaker is not tripped, door is open, and any demo/showroom mode is deactivated.
  • Cannot access clock mode – Try pressing and holding the “0” key for 3+ seconds or entering the “dak” code to bring up time settings if there is no dedicated button.
  • Numbers do not increase/decrease – Gently clean control panel buttons if stuck and not adjusting up/down when pressed. Check for child lock feature enabled.
  • Clock doesn’t save properly – After entering time, press “Start” or “Cook” if needed to confirm settings before exiting clock mode on some models.
  • Display resets to incorrect time – Make sure to complete all steps to properly save changes before closing door or unplugging unit after adjustments are made.

For any errors, it can help to unplug the microwave for 10+ seconds to reset the device and start the clock setting over from scratch. Always check your appliance owner’s manual for model-specific troubleshooting tips.


Getting the current time properly configured on your Panasonic microwave is simple when you follow the right step-by-step process. By locating your control panel, powering on the unit, accessing the time settings, adjusting the hours and minutes, and correctly saving your changes, you can quickly set your appliance’s clock adjustment with no hassle.

Remember to consult your specific model’s user guide if you encounter any hiccups along the way. With the clock precisely set, you can take advantage of the full functionality of presets, timers, and schedules your kitchen appliance offers to make cooking even more convenient.

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